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Steven McFarlane Design

The Complete Collection

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Save 50% and get full access to every visual pack. Contains over 500+ files of creative textures, film burns, 8mm textures, glitch transitions, VHS effects, CRT overlays, liquid motion graphics and much more!

Bundle + Save 50%

As a video editior and motion designer, the number one thing we could all use is more time! These packs are designed to speed up your workflow. Ranging from live show visuals for music artists, to analog CRT & VHS textures for filmmakers. Supported by over 2000+ filmmakers & live show artists all around the world.

  • Super 8mm Film Textures

    Authentically scanned super 8mm film textures & overlays. Including film mattes, grains, dust and scratches & burns. Bring back some retro nostalgia with these film looks!

  • CRT Textures - £35

    120+ Analog CRT Textures & Overlays. Add sci-fi retro texture to your next project with these authentically captured CRT Textures.

  • VHS Textures - £35

    130+ Authentic VHS Textures & SFX captured from real VHS tapes. Supplied with projects to easily create your own vintage title screens & intros.

  • Liquid Acid Visuals - £35

    Add an acid-vibe to your next project with this visual pack. 50+ unique loops of liquid acid content. Great for backgrounds, live shows & animated posters.

  • Raw Animated Textures - £20

    For filmmakers & live show artists to add some raw grit and texture to there next project. Contains over 55+ loops of gritty texture.

  • Minimal Noise Loops - £10

    Perfect for VJ’s and Filmmakers looking to bring some noise & texture into their set. Contains 44+ seamless loops.

  • Minimal Tunnels - £15

    Tunnel loops with some edge! Ideal for VJ’s and Filmmakers looking to add dynamic movement to their sets. Features over 20 seamless loops.

  • Film Burns

  • 8mm Film Overlays

  • Viewfinders & HUDS

  • CRT Textures & Glitch

  • Liquid Visuals

  • VHS Textures

  • Visual Elements

  • Live Show Visuals

  • Experimental Loops

  • Displacement Maps

& Much more!

Easy to use!

Extremely easy to use! These are drag and drop files that you can place directly in the timeline. To blend with footage simply use blending modes. My go to blending modes are "multiply", "screen" & "difference"

Over 500+ Files Included!

Get instant access to over 500+ assets. Including transitions, textures, glitch assets, templates, live show visuals & much more.

Speed up your Workflow!

With over 500+ assets at the ready, save yourself some time & take your project to the next level.

  • Compatible with all video editing software