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Steven McFarlane Design

Analog CRT Textures

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120+ Analog CRT Textures & Overlays. Add sci-fi retro texture to your next project with these authentically captured CRT Textures. Compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, AE and more.

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• 120+ CRT Textures & Overlays (.mov)
• 70+ Bonus Glitch SFX (.wav)
• Captured in 4K for Extreme Detail
• Sci-Fi inspired Viewfinders & HUDs
• Glitch Textures & Overlays
• Ideal for Overlays & Transitions
Perfect for Backgrounds & Displacement Maps
• For Premiere, AE, FCPX, Davinci & more

  • Viewfinders & HUDS

  • CRT Textures & Glitch

  • Visual Elements

  • Backgrounds

Easy to use!

Extremely easy to use! These are drag and drop files that you can place directly in the timeline. To combine with footage, simply use blending modes. My go to blending modes are "multiply", "screen" & "difference"

4K Authentic Textures

Captured in 4K from an authentic high-end CRT television. This gives the user the texture and detail that cannot be replicated from a plugin. Capturing in 4K allows the details to really pop such as chromatic abberation, scanlines & glow.


Easily add glitchy transitions by simply dragging and dropping between cuts. Perfect for that glitchy sci-fi look!

  • 120+ Loops

    45 CRT Textures Files
    20 Glitch Files
    15 Transitions
    13 Viewfinders & HUDS
    36 Visual Elements

  • Bonus SFX!

    A collection of 70+ sound effects! Captured from a range of analog synthesizers & old noisy equipment. From analog atmospheres to glitch sounds. Perfect for transitions.

  • Specifications

    4K Resolution
    3840 x 2160 pixels
    Prores Codec (.mov)

  • Compatible with all video editing software