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Steven McFarlane Design

VHS Textures

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130+ Authentic VHS Textures & SFX captured from real VHS tapes. Supplied with projects to easily create your own vintage title screens & intros.

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• 130+ Original VHS Textures (.mov)
• 15+ VHS Sound Effects (.wav)
• Authentic 4:3 Ratio
• All files seamlessly loop
• HD Upscaled to 1440x1080
• Prores 422 Codec (.mov)
• Supplied with files to create own Titles & Logos
• Additional Transitions / Glitches / Control files
• Modular Design - (Create your own loops)

Drag and Drop!

Easy to use! These are drag and drop textures that you can place directly in the timeline. Simply change the blending mode to screen or overlay! Supplied with transparent PNG frames for the authentic 4:3 look.

  • 3D Logo Template (.ae)

  • VHS Textures

  • Titles

  • Experimental Loops

  • Modular Menu & Controls

  • Transitions

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Add your own text and logos

Easy to use drag and drop templates so you can create your own titles and logo in seconds!

Authentic VHS Textures

Scanned from real VHS tapes to give you the real analog look and not a fake digital emulation.

Pre-keyed Overlays

Alpha channel ready controls & overlays. Drag and drop menus include timecodes, controls & camcorder overlays.

  • 130+ Movie Files

    33 Main VHS Textures
    37 Transition & Glitches
    6 VHS Grains
    16 Transparent Overlays
    24 Controls Textures
    9 Misc Textures
    6 4:3 Frames & Scanlines (.png)

  • Bonus Sound Effects

    A collection of 15+ SFX files to really get that nostaliga going. From rewind and fast forward noise, to tapes being inserted, this has all the retro SFX you need.

  • Specifications

    HD Resolution
    Prores Codec (.mov)
    Professionally Upscaled

  • Compatible with all video editing software